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Victor Manuelle

Fiesta de Aniversario: THE PICKS TO CLICK

gerardo birthday

NorteñoBlog doesn’t always Pick to Click, but when I do… sometimes I get it wrong and type “Click to Pick.” This made searching for the previous year’s worth of Picks INTERESANTE.

The Pick to Click began as a shameless ripoff from Charles Pierce’s must-read liberal politics blog at Esquire, as did a couple other, possibly subtler NorteñoBlog tics. (Spot them all! Both! Whatever!) It’s a useful way to highlight the song I enjoy the most in a particular post, so that you the loyal reader don’t have to wade through a pool of Banda MS’s tears to reach the good stuff. Of course, if you enjoy the delectable bouquet wafting from Banda MS’s tears, you can always Click what I don’t Pick, though you’ll run the risk of turning Banda MS happy and then they might run out of Art. Besides current singles, the following list includes some older singles and current album tracks.

Most Picked at three apiece: NorteñoBlog’s probable artists of the year Alfredo Ríos “El Komander” and Marco Flores y #1 Banda Jerez. Banda Cuisillos, Noel Torres, and Chuy Lizárraga each scored two Picks. So did Los Gfez, Pancho Uresti, and Ariel Camacho, though one Pick from each of those three was in a “featured” role. Besides norteño and banda, the list includes cumbias and puro sax stomps, reggaeton and ABBA-schlager, Jenny and the Mexicats and Pitbull, and covers of Johnny Cash and — first up — Shania Twain. Happy Clicking!
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Estamos Escuchando a Victor Manuelle


La semana de pasada en la Singles Jukebox, escribimos sobre Victor Manuelle y su electro-salsa canción “Que Suenen Los Tambores.” ¡Nos gustó! ¡Pero nos hizo cansado! Sobre todo si se escucha al versión más rápido y, como Madeleine Lee, empieza a bailar alrededor de su cocina (en la luz del refrigerador?)… ay. Cuidado.

Sin embargo, VALE LA PENA. Escribí:

Incorporating the traditional “Sister Havana” chord changes, the latest tropical (and sort of topical) #1 from Bronx native Manuelle is a cover of Cuban singer Laritza Bacallao. Manuelle’s version seems to accelerate as it rolls along, bulging with more cool electro-salsa effects and backup vocal parts the further it goes. Something new crops up every moment; listening to it may be as exhilarating and exhausting as dancing. Yet Manuelle counsels patient resistance and claims in the first verse, “No se trata de velocidad.” Hurry up and relax. There’s no time to lose; we could have a holiday.

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