Say what you will about Disa Records — and no, I cannot prove they programmed a nefarious computer to generate songs, named the computer “Luciano Luna,” and then took a five-year lunch break — but they know how to anthologize their artists. Our big new release this slow week is the 20-song Lo Mejor De La Arrolladora Banda El Limón, not to be confused with last year’s 14-song Romances, as though Arrolladora plays anything else. You should also not confuse Mejor with this year’s Arrolladora live album, or with any of the Arrolladora-heavy Bandas Románticas comps, or with any of the umpteen other Arrolladora comps that have come before. Like arena en la playa, these albums are really hard to quantify, and they’re all essentially the same. Mejor is your first chance to own the fine “Cabecita Dura” and “El Ruido De Tus Zapatos” on the same disc, if that excites you. Maybe you need a gift for Mom.

Speaking of which, I’m pretty sure Arrolladora’s second most recent hit “A Los Cuatro Vientos” (not on Mejor) was their first single to miss the top 10 on Regional Mexican Airplay since “Ya No Te Buscaré” in 2011-12. (That one’s on Mejor.) It still got 14 million Youtube hits, so, you know, weep with Arrolladora not at them, but good luck humming “Cuatro Vientos” through your tears because it’s not much of a tune.

Also out today is Jonatan Sánchez’s Mi Primera Vez EP on Gerencia 360, also home to accordion hero Noel Torres, drummer Martin Castillo, and pretty boy Adriel Favela, all of whom have released enjoyable albums this year. Sánchez’s title single, a slight banda ballad, makes me think he’s Gerencia’s answer to Luis Coronel, Del’s teenage expert in slight banda ballads.