gerardo ortiz singing

Gerardo Ortiz released his excellent album Archivos de Mi Vida just over a year ago, and it’s fair to say he’s now the popular face of norteño and banda — i.e., of regional Mexican music in general. He occupies the center of radio station billboards, and award shows feature his performances as surely as they do Jenni Rivera tributes. This album didn’t do it alone; Ortiz was already a big deal a year ago when the album debuted at #1.

The editorial hands at Allmusic still haven’t taken down their Thom Jurek review calling this album a “hits collection” — maybe they’re just biding time. Ortiz’s third Archival hit is the pretty “Eres Una Niña,” which we just covered at The Singles Jukebox, giving him his third good score there. I said:

My Thanksgiving resolution is to ignore the patronizing opening line. (For further research: does “Niña” populate banda ballads as thoroughly as “Girl” does bro-country? It seems like “Mujer” shows up more often.) I will also ignore any possible ickiness involving Ortiz kissing JustAGirl’s extremities until she screams his name. (“HAY no más,” Gerardo soothed soothingly.) Starting… now! Because really this song is very romantic, and there’s little precedent for Sinaloan banda incorporating Dominican-via-Bronxian bachata guitar. Plus, Ortiz’s long-lined melody is beautiful, a way better tune than Rod Stewart’s “Tonight’s the Night,” speaking of songs about children letting their inhibitions run wild. Resolution starting NOW.