“¿Cuál es la verdad?” Pilato le preguntó a Jesús. Yo olvido como Jesús respondió, pero Maná y Shakira dicen, “ eres mi verdad.” ¡Herejía! (Tú también eres otras cosas: su amór, su alegría, su sandwich, etc…) Al Singles Jukebox, pensábamos que la canción fue aburrida; yo escribí:

A friend from high school affectionately calls Maná hippy music, lumped in with Bacilos and Juanes, both of whom I prefer. I can see it, though — they’re sick and tired of hearing mentiras from neurotic, psychotic, pig-headed dictadores, just give them some verdad. Gently, please. See also the video where the band and pregnant Shakira sing around trash can fires in the last outpost of civilization. (It’s either that or a closed banquet hall with unorthodox chair stacking methods.) As always, there’s pleasure here, mostly in hearing Fher Olvera’s instantly recognizable voice trace a sturdy melody; I also smiled at Shakira’s sighs of “ay, ay, ay.” But as usual, it’s hard to remember their verdad once the next batch of liars comes along.