A while back NorteñoBlog mentioned two bandas had cut versions of El Diez’s new corrido standard “El Karma,” and that both bandas sounded drunk. As top commenter Manuel suggests, this isn’t the best aesthetic choice for the song, which is fundamentally about jealousy and fatherly love ending in death. But maybe barreling through the tune with a sloshed banda helps ease the pain. Anyway, now that one of those bandas, La Séptima Banda, has gone on to blanket the airwaves with the leaning Tower of Power homage “Bonito y Bello,” what’s become of the other? Wait no longer. Banda Culiacancito now has a video for their Pick to Click single “Lástima de Cuerpo” (Del/Sony), revealing another reason they need to ease the pain: a cheating mujer. Oh dear. If you’ve read this blog long enough, you know one of my favorite musical effects is rapid fire barrages of syllables that never seem to end and make me feel totally inadequate about my grasp of español. Prolific songwriters Geovani Cabrera (Regulo Caro, Calibre 50) y Horacio Palencia (todos) deliver. Knock yourself out with a trombone slide!

el gueroMilwaukee’s own El Güero is back with su Banda and a new single, “Amor En Secreto” (A.R.C.). More pain, more stolen love, but this lachrymose ballad goes out to the wallowers among us.