banda ms solo

¿Qué dice usted sobre la música romántica de Banda MS? Si usted escribe por The Singles Jukebox, posiblemente dice la palabra “swooning.” Es justo. Pero ¿cuál es la fundación rítmica para el swoon? El groove inspira a usted mover su cabeza de lado a lado, y la náusea resultante podría causar un swoon, ¿no? Es ciencia.


Ever since that Ed Sheeran song about Alzheimer’s knocked my socks off during last year’s Grammycast, I’ve grown less stingy about allocating slow jam points. These things can groove, you know? In the case of “Solo Con Verte,” the groove comes courtesy of the low brass section, their every note possessed by a rhythmic twitch as delicate as the caresses of that eternally happy slow-mo couple in the video. The tune’s a keeper, too. As for Horacio Palencia‘s lyrics — well, sometimes it’s just satisfying when words rhyme.