ALERTA DE SPOILER: The following may reveal important plot twists from the latest Trakalosa video, a 10-minute saga called “Supiste Hacerme Mal.” (It’s at #7 this week.) Don’t say NorteñoBlog didn’t warn you.

(In other news: yes, Trakalosa videos now merit spoiler alerts.)

The latest radio hit by Edwin Luna and his banda Trakalosa de Monterrey is a study in domestic strife and scandalous romance. Basically, a young woman is planning to marry the two-timing novio of her wedding planner, whom said novio has been treating with cold distance. When the two women discover they love the same man at a reception tasting event, drama happens. So much drama. Edwin Luna turns in a characteristically intense, nostril-flarey performance as the novio in question; novela actriz Yulianna Peniche shows more range as the wedding planner. We’re already familiar with Luna’s boundless ambition — he’s started putting his name in front of his band’s — and scandalous romantic life — short take: Luna left his wife and son for the actress who directed this video, Alma Cero — but I’m not sure how much this not-entirely-flattering video trades on Luna’s IRL circumstances. Do fans see art imitating life?

Regardless of its tabloid inspiration, this isn’t another Muy Especial video in the vein of Trakalosa’s previous epic “Pregúntale” (#17), which boldly came out against wife-beating. There is no moral to be learned or lesson to be had here, unless it’s this pro tidbit for wedding planners: Always learn the name of the husband before drawing up a contract! This video is essentially clickbait, a way to drum up interest in an otherwise forgettable song (seriously, try humming a couple bars of “Supiste” — IT CAN’T BE DONE) and, I’m guessing, to boost Luna’s nascent acting career. He’s not a terrible actor, but I worry his neck tattoo will limit his choices.

(Although I guess SOMEBODY can hum “Supiste,” since it’s got the 7th biggest radio audience in Mexico.)

The far more hummable ballad at #6 comes from Calibre 50, whose ballads NorteñoBlog has never much dug because they are wheezy momentum-destroying time suckers that misunderstand love. “Préstamela a Mí,” on the other hand, has Edén Muñoz offering sage romantic advice (“If she is angry and you don’t know what to do/ I’ll tell you a secret to make her happy: kiss her feet!”) over a rugged waltz, with tuba and drums tripping over one another and accordion fills that sound like still-beating hearts pulled from chests. (That last scenario does not figure into Muñoz’s advice.) Have they always played this deliciously far behind the beat? Do I have to go back and listen to all those other ballads again? These are the questions that haunt me.

But for sheer moxy, this week’s Pick to Click comes from Pequeños Musical, who are like a rock band with horns — or rather, since they don’t sound at all like the band Chicago, a banda with a rock quartet attached. We’re talking guitar, bass, drum kit, and a mulleted dude with a couple Korgs that spit marvelous pan flute sounds. NorteñoBlog has dissed these guys before for torpor, but “Suele Pasar” (#18) is rocking, plus it offers a useful catchphrase for when you keep screwing up your relationship but deep down it’s OK. Or something. I’m still getting a handle on it. (Pity the poor guy in the video.)

Other new ones include a big dumb cumbia from Julión Álvarez; a slow weepy drinking song from El Komander; a self-penned getting-over-you song from equestrian marvel and La Voz contestant Diana Laura (like Vicente Fernández, she rides horses in her videos); and a ranchera remake from Juan Gabriel ft. Alejandro Fernández.

These are the Top 20 “Popular” songs in Mexico, as measured by monitorLATINO. Don’t confuse “Popular” with the “General” list, which contains many of the same songs but also the ubiquitous “Hello,” “Hotline Bling,” “Love Yourself,” and and ultra-catchy former Pick to Click by Jesse & Joy ft. the rasp of Alejandro Sanz.

1. “Ya Te Perdí La Fé” – Arrolladora
2. “Solo Con Verte” – Banda MS
3. “Pistearé” – Banda Los Recoditos
4. “Tu Cárcel (En Vivo)” – Los Tigres Del Norte ft. Marco Antonio Solís
5. “En Qué Cabeza Cabe” – Banda Carnaval
6. “Préstamela a Mí” – Calibre 50
7. “Supiste Hacerme Mal” – Edwin Luna y La Trakalosa de Monterrey
8. “El Borrachito” – Julión Álvarez y Su Norteño Banda
9. “Tragos de Alcohol” – Alfredo Ríos El Komander
10. “Si No Es Contigo” – Banda El Recodo

11. “El Viejón” – La Adictiva Banda San Jose
12. “Fuiste Mia” – Gerardo Ortiz
13. “Hablemos” – Ariel Camacho
14. “La Noche” – Grupo Cañaveral ft. Valentino
15. “Mente Degenerada” – El Bebeto
16. “Bien Enamorado” – Kevin Ortiz
17. “Pregúntale” – Edwin Luna y La Trakalosa de Monterrey
18. “Suele Pasar” – Banda Pequeños Musical
19. “Te Lloré Sólo Un Día” – Diana Laura
20. “Te Quise Olvidar” – Juan Gabriel ft. Alejandro Fernández

“De Noche Enfiestado” – Los Inquietos del Norte
“Pongamonos De Acuerdo” – Julión Álvarez y Su Norteño Banda
“Inicio Del Final” – Alfredo Olivas
“Moneda Sin Valor” – Pesado
“La Gripa” – Calibre 50
“El Amor Es Una Ilusion” – Toño Lizarraga
“Me Gustaría Creerte” – Los Horóscopos de Durango