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Banda La Trakalosa

Los Ritmos de Remex Records


When NorteñoBlog last caught up with Remex Records, the YouTube telenovela factory that fronts as a powerhouse indie label, its star Edwin Luna had just begun floating trial balloons for a coup solo career. Flaring his nostrils with serious artistic intent, Luna had recently begun separating his name from that of his banda, La Trakalosa de Monterrey, and… acting in their 20-minute music videos. Surely before long they’d separate? Amid rancor and acrimony? Two competing bandas criss-crossing the continent with increasingly side-eyed arrangements of “Mi Padrino El Diablo”?

Thankfully we’re not there yet. Singer and banda are still united and scoring bi-national hits as Edwin Luna y La Trakalosa, with a thriving production company — Editraka — that hosts fitness classes. (Their “flared nostril burpees” are killers.) But Luna is also experimenting with some solo tunes of his own. Rest assured they are terrible.

edwin-luna-amor“Es Tiempo de Amar” is his bid for a big unifying national pop ballad. The video has Mexicans of every age singing about love and brighter tomorrows, some lavish hand gestures, inspiring words on pieces of cardboard (more Love Actually than “Subterranean Homesick Blues”), and a closing quote from Madre Teresa de Calcutta. (You were expecting maybe Sor Juana?) There’s nothing norteño about it, which wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing if Luna knew how to sing non-norteño songs with any semblance of a personality. There’s also nothing topical about it, unless you hear the line “Es tiempo de… recuperar lo perdido” as a call for the Mexican government to fix the country’s kidnapping problem, along the lines of Intocable‘s “Día 730.” But, as we’ve seen recently, governments have enough trouble reacting to even overwhelming gestures of dissent. Subtlety in this case is NO VALE LA PENA.

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Who’s On the Mexican Radio? 1/23/15


Once again the Mexican radio chart tosses away songs faster than Marco Flores and his band can change their dance moves. (Mind the baritone player popping out from behind the congas!) Adiós, Pesado. Farewell, Lucero. Chuy Lizarraga, we hardly knew you. Los Tucanes, romantic ballads are not your forte. And in a couple cases, we simply exchange one skull-numbingly lush ballad for another: meet the new MS and Recodo, same as the old ones. (On the other hand, it looks like Recodo’s got a new album out soon, and science assures us it will not suck.)

As when a forest fire clears the way for delicate saplings, we’ve got a bunch of new songs. The pick to click is “Malditas Ganas” by Alfredo Rios El Komander, in the midst of undergoing a “The Rock”-to-“Dwayne Johnson”-style name change. Los Tigres is in the top 10 with the second delightful single from their 2014 album. In what may be a fluke, Intocable’s charting with a loathsome power ballad off their 2013 album. The balladry’s more powerful with mariachi singer (and new La Voz Kids host) Pedro Fernandez, at #20 with the pretty “Si Tuviera Que Decirlo.” Finally, the brothers Raúl y Mexia Hernández present an entity called SuenaTron, which I’m pretty sure blasted Godzilla with a giant nuclear accordion in the last movie. Here they blast us with “Sencillamente,” pop-rock so straight up I’m not sure what it’s doing on this chart, aside from the accordion.

These are Mexico’s top 20 Popular songs as charted by RadioNotas. Don’t confuse “Popular” with the “General” list, which contains most of the same songs along with “Uptown Funk!”, Calvin Harris’s “Blame,” and Pedro Fernandez’s cohost Natalia Jimenez, among others.

1. “Contigo” – Calibre 50
2. “Eres Una Niña” – Gerardo Ortiz
3. “El Que Se Enamora Pierde” – Banda Carnaval
4. “Me Sobrabas Tu” – Banda Los Recoditos
5. “Dime” – Julión Álvarez y Su Norteño Banda
6. “Lo Hiciste Otra Vez” – Arrolladora
7. “Que Tal Si Eres Tu” – Los Tigres Del Norte
8. “Mayor De Edad” – La Original Banda el Limón
9. “Cuando Tu Me Besas” – El Bebeto
10. “Todo Tuyo” – Banda El Recodo

11. “Malditas Ganas” – Alfredo Rios El Komander
12. “Broche De Oro” – Banda La Trakalosa
13. “Debajo Del Sombrero” – Leandro Ríos ft. Pancho Uresti de Banda Tierra Sagrada
14. “A Lo Mejor” – Banda MS
15. “Culpable Fui (Culpable Soy)” – Intocable
16. “En La Sierra y La Ciudad La China” – La Adictiva Banda San Jose
17. “Sencillamente” – Raúl y Mexia + SuenaTron
18. “Nos Acostumbramos” – Los Horoscopos de Durango
19. “El Pajarito” – Marco Flores y La Número 1 Banda Jerez
20. “Si Tuviera Que Decirlo” – Pedro Fernandez

Who’s On the Mexican Radio? 1/10/15

In which Mexican radio churns through songs somewhat faster than the U.S.

In the month since I last posted this chart, seven songs have departed, including Calibre 50/El Komander’s #1 “Qué Tiene De Malo,” Los Tigres’ “La Bala” (both still big in El Norte), and the execrable “En Tu Twitter Y Facebook.” Two months ago, when I first posted this chart, eight of the 20 songs were the same, which seems like healthy turnover. Contrast that with the U.S. Hot Latin chart, where more than half the songs — 15 or 16 of 25 (I ran out of fingers) — are the same as they were two months ago. I mean, the only new song in the Hot Latin top 10 is “Eres Una Niña.” That’s two months with nine of ten songs permanently ensconced! “Bailando” has always been at war with “Propuesta Indecente.” Even among the roiling top Regional Mexican Songs list, 12 of 20 songs are still there after two months, the reverse of the Mexican chart. Why so much less turnover in the U.S.? Um… stay tuned.

These are the top 20 Popular songs of the week in México, as measured by radionotas. The General top 20 contains basically the same top 10, plus “Uptown Funk,” “Animals,” Calvin Harris, and some Spanish-language pop in its lower reaches. The pick to click, snuck in among all these ballads — and santo cielo, there’s a lot of ballads — is Marco Flores’s blazing “El Pajarito.” The man is a dancing machine.

1. “Contigo” – Calibre 50
2. “Eres Una Niña” – Gerardo Ortiz
3. “El Que Se Enamora Pierde” – Banda Carnaval
4. “Dime” – Julión Álvarez y Su Norteño Banda
5. “Cuando Tu Me Besas” – El Bebeto
6. “Me Sobrabas Tu” – Banda Los Recoditos
7. “Mayor De Edad” – La Original Banda el Limón
8. “Háblame De Ti” – Banda MS
9. “Lo Hiciste Otra Vez” – Arrolladora
10. “Broche De Oro” – Banda La Trakalosa

11. “Somos Ajenos” – Banda El Recodo
12. “Nos Acostumbramos” – Los Horoscopos de Durango
13. “Debajo Del Sombrero” – Leandro Ríos ft. Pancho Uresti de Banda Tierra Sagrada
14. “En La Sierra y La Ciudad La China” – La Adictiva Banda San Jose
15. “El Pajarito” – Marco Flores y La Número 1 Banda Jerez
16. “Perdoname Mi Amor” – Los Tucanes De Tijuana
17. “Se Me Sigue Notando” – Chuy Lizarraga
18. “Tan Bonita” – Pasado ft. Raul Hernandez
19. “No Entiendo” – Lucero
20. “Asi Te Quiero Yo” – Banda Tierra Sagrada

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